Dria Watson

What does 'Ruthless Resolute' mean to you?

"Simple: it means whatever it takes to achieve the goal and we don’t stop until that goal is reached."

What makes her a Ruthless Resolute?

  • Active Duty Air Force
  • Physique Competitor
  • Bodybuilder/Powerlifter
  • Rebel 

What are some ways that fitness has helped you get through your own personal struggles?

"I struggle with body dysmorphia, high impulsivity, and anxiety. Since being in the fitness industry, I find that I’m MUCH better able to discipline and practice self control."

What Words Of Encouragement Would You Give To Others Regarding Fitness/Health?

"The only way is UP. Don’t let one loss discourage you. Stop wishing, start doing."

You can follow her fitness journey on IG @sixx.of.spades