Eliseo Estrada

What does 'Ruthless Resolute' mean to you?

"Ruthless Resolute to me, is the fire built up inside of you, waiting to be let out, an aggressive means to fighting for everything you know is right, and for what you want to achieve. The revolt inside to smash down walls set in place by non believers. Ruthless, never quit. Resolute, achieve greatness."

What makes him a Ruthless Resolute?

  • Active Duty Army
  • Old School Bodybuilder
  • Father
  • Photographer/Videographer

What are some ways that fitness has helped you get through your own personal struggles?

"It has helped me get through a dark time during my divorce, and created a stable relationship between myself and my daughters."

What Words Of Encouragement Would You Give To Others Regarding Fitness/Health?

"You ultimately do it for yourself. Fitness can be for everyone, even if you don’t enjoy it. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you."

You can follow his fitness journey on IG @iamelise0