Nicole Allbritton

What does 'Ruthless Resolute' mean to you?

"To me it means that you have to be ruthless to yourself. Get out of your own way. It's finding a new way to do things I can't anymore. I was a runner, but that's not in my future picture because of medical stuff, so I found cycling. More things are possible if you open your heart and mind to them."

What makes her a Ruthless Resolute?

  • Active Duty Air Force Wounded Warrior
  • Cyclist
  • Photographer

What are some ways that fitness has helped you get through your own personal struggles?

"Exercise has been proven to increase all the feel good chemicals in your brain. Even on days you don't want to work out, the end result is usually leaving you in a better place mentally. Currently I'm working with a coach, so having structure that works well with my physical limits has been empowering. Like yes! I can actually do this again."

What Words Of Encouragement Would You Give To Others Regarding Fitness/Health?

"Its okay to have bad days. It isn't okay to quit because of them. Don't like to run? That's cool, there are a ton of other ways to find a way to move, have you thought of dancing? Can't hold a dumbbell because of nerve damage? Use an assisted machine and just do the pushing motions. Stop limiting yourself."

You can follow her fitness journey on IG